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    Effectiveness of Different Transition Metal Dispersed Catalysts for In-Situ Heavy Oil Upgrading

    Almarshed, A. (Creator), Abarasi Hart (Creator), Joe Wood (Creator), Gary Leeke (Creator), Greaves, M. (Creator), University of Birmingham, 2015, 10.25500/eData.bham.00000055


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    Effect of Si-doping on the structure and conductivity of Sr2-xCaxMnFeO6-δ systems

    Cathryn Hancock (Creator), Peter Slater (Creator), James, M. (Creator), Smith, A. D. (Creator), University of Birmingham, 2019, 10.25500/edata.bham.00000348


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    Eco-Congregation Scotland, 2014-2016

    Jeremy Kidwell (Creator), University of Birmingham, 22 Mar 2016, 10.5281/zenodo.159155


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    Eco-Congregation Scotland

    Jeremy Kidwell (Creator), University of Birmingham, 22 Mar 2016,


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    EIEIO datasets

    Atticus Hall-McNair (Creator), Meurig Thomas Gallagher (Creator), David Smith (Creator), University of Birmingham, 2019, 10.25500/edata.bham.00000409


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    Direct infusion mass spectrometry metabolomics dataset: a benchmark for data processing and quality control

    Jennifer Kirwan (Creator), Ralf Weber (Creator), Broadhurst, D. (Creator), Mark Viant (Creator), Wellcome Trust, 5 Jun 2014