Lee Chapman

Lee Chapman

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Infrastructure Meteorology, Urban Climatology, Geomatics

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Lee Chapman’s research interests can be best described under the heading ‘the impact of weather and climate on the built environment'. This covers a range of topics from the development of ‘dose-response’ models under the baseline climate to assessing the future impact of climate change on hard infrastructure. Areas of particular interest are urban and transport meteorology. Dr Chapman currently holds funding for three major projects:

HiTemp (NERC):This project aims to provide a demonstration sensor network designed to measure air temperature across the Birmingham conurbation.
Knowledge Transfer Partnership (E-ON Central Networks): This partnership is evaluating the impact of urban heat islands and climate change on the ageing rate of transformers in Birmingham.
Future Resilient Transport Networks (EPSRC/ESRC): This project aims to assess the future resilience of the UK transport network, taking into account the likely technology and infrastructure changes, as well as changes in climate and extreme weather events.