Arri Coomarasamy

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Research interests

Professor Coomarasamy leads a lively and successful research group in the School of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, working at the forefront of gynaecological studies with a focus on miscarriage and global women’s health. He maintains a keen interest in randomised controlled studies, test accuracy evaluations and evidence synthesis.

With numerous grant awards (of total value over £8 million), Professor Coomarasamy’s current projects include three national and international multicentre randomised trials; one on the role of progesterone therapy in recurrent miscarriages (the PROMISE Trial); another on the use of levothyroxine in women with thyroid antibodies (the TABLET Trial); and the third on the effects of prophylactic antibiotics before miscarriage surgery in low-income countries (the AIMS Trial).

Professor Coomarasamy is also a trustee of Ammalife, an international charity with a mission to find solutions to maternal health problems through practical research and sustainable projects in the developing world. He maintains clinical responsibilities as a consultant gynaecologist with a special interest in early pregnancy management and reproductive medicine.

Willingness to take PhD students


PhD projects

Arri Coomarasamy specialises in reproductive medicine and surgery. He is also a consultant gynaecologist at Birmingham Women’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. His research interests encompass:

Miscarriage Research
IVF Research
Tubal Infertility Research
Diagnostic Research
Translational Research
Global heath research (obstetrics; maternal mortality reduction)

Professor Coomarasamy supervises MD and PhD in all his areas of interest.