Systems psychodynamics and ethnic minority entrepreneurship

Kiran Trehan

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This study investigates the ways in which systems psychodynamic theory and practice can contribute to our understanding of how ethnic minority enterprise operate in superdiverse urban settings. ‘Superdiversity’, as outlined by Vertovec (2007) draws attention to the new and complex social formations, characterised by a dynamic integration of variables (race, ethnicity and social class, for example) in European cosmopolitan cities. Increased diversity has created a complex range of under-explored challenges to minority entrepreneurs, who work within and, most importantly, for such communities. Importantly, for migrant groups in the current climate of austerity, enterprise may be a way of promoting employment and local development, whilst also kick-starting broader business regeneration.

The article reviews key ideas and controversies in minority entrepreneurship. It illuminates how systems psychodynamic theory can enrich our understanding of the ways in which ethnic minority enterprise interconnects in encounters where the participants have different biographies, trajectories and linguistic histories. The paper concludes by demonstrating how a synthesis of systems psychodynamics and diversity sheds new light on the complex and nuanced experience of ethnic minority enterprise and the work territory they are creating for themselves. Exploring ethnic minority enterprise as an organisational system creates a distinctive new perspective for systems psychodynamic literature and helps us to identify and articulate new implications for small firms’ research and practice.
Original languageEnglish
JournalInternational Journal of Institutional Transformation
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 2020

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Not yet published as of 09/11/2020.


  • Systems psychodynamic
  • Ethnic Minority
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Power
  • Emotions
  • Politics


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