“Mixed embeddedness” and entrepreneurial ecosystem, same or different?

Annabell Gast, Natalia Vershinina, Kassa Woldesenbet

Research output: Contribution to conference (unpublished)Paperpeer-review


In this paper we question, whether we are engaging in reproduction of existing knowledge, and are utilising new names to claim the novelty of the findings and contributions. For instance, can we establish the similarities and differences of the mixed embeddedness framework in ethnic minority entrepreneurship literature developed by Kloosterman and Rath (2001) and the model of the entrepreneurial ecosystem mainly discussed in the general entrepreneurship literature and developed by Isenberg (2011). Are we just re-inventing and re-using the old? This paper evaluates these two theoretical perspectives that appear to be similar at first glance, however need to be analysed to identify whether these are indeed distinct in their own right. A more detailed analysis suggests the mixed embeddedness approach highlights the negative aspects of environment that bound the immigrants into a particular type of business set up with its constraints based on access to resources; whereas the entrepreneurial ecosystem provides a more positive view of the stimulants within the environment that enable for the new ventures to emerge and the support mechanisms that enable that process.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 6 Sept 2016


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