Effective self-management for early career researchers in the natural and life sciences

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  • Natalia Z. Bielczyk
  • Ayaka Ando
  • AmanPreet Badhwar
  • Chiara Caldinelli
  • Mengxia Gao
  • Amelie Haugg
  • Leanna M. Hernandez
  • Kaori L. Ito
  • Dan Kessler
  • Dan Lurie
  • Meena M. Makary
  • Aki Nikolaidis
  • Michele Veldsman
  • Christopher Allen
  • Adriana Bankston
  • Katherine L. Bottenhorn
  • Ricarda Braukmann
  • Vince Calhoun
  • Veronika Cheplygina
  • Catarina Costa Boffino
  • Ece Ercan
  • Karolina Finc
  • Heidi Foo
  • Christian La
  • David M.A. Mehler
  • Sridar Narayanan
  • Russell A. Poldrack
  • Pradeep Reddy Raamana
  • Taylor Salo
  • Claire Godard-Sebillotte
  • Lucina Q. Uddin
  • Davide Valeriani
  • Sofie L. Valk
  • Courtney C. Walton
  • Phillip G.D. Ward
  • Julio A. Yanes
  • Xinqi Zhou

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Early career researchers (ECRs) are faced with a range of competing pressures in academia, making self-management key to building a successful career. The Organization for Human Brain Mapping undertook a group effort to gather helpful advice for ECRs in self-management.


Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)212-217
Number of pages6
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 22 Apr 2020


  • early career researchers, ECRs, self-management, career development, networking, mentoring