Effective self-management for early career researchers in the natural and life sciences

Natalia Z. Bielczyk, Ayaka Ando, AmanPreet Badhwar, Chiara Caldinelli, Mengxia Gao, Amelie Haugg, Leanna M. Hernandez, Kaori L. Ito, Dan Kessler, Dan Lurie, Meena M. Makary, Aki Nikolaidis, Michele Veldsman, Christopher Allen, Adriana Bankston, Katherine L. Bottenhorn, Ricarda Braukmann, Vince Calhoun, Veronika Cheplygina, Catarina Costa BoffinoEce Ercan, Karolina Finc, Heidi Foo, Ali Khatibi, Christian La, David M.A. Mehler, Sridar Narayanan, Russell A. Poldrack, Pradeep Reddy Raamana, Taylor Salo, Claire Godard-Sebillotte, Lucina Q. Uddin, Davide Valeriani, Sofie L. Valk, Courtney C. Walton, Phillip G.D. Ward, Julio A. Yanes, Xinqi Zhou

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Early career researchers (ECRs) are faced with a range of competing pressures in academia, making self-management key to building a successful career. The Organization for Human Brain Mapping undertook a group effort to gather helpful advice for ECRs in self-management.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)212-217
Number of pages6
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 22 Apr 2020


  • ECRs
  • career development
  • early career researchers
  • mentoring
  • networking
  • self-management


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