William Griffiths

Research interests

The science of casting technology, specifically;

(i). interfacial heat transfer during casting solidification,

(ii). defects in light alloys, and the quality of liquid metals,

(iii). Lost Foam casting,

(iv). radioactive particle tracking of inclusions in liquid metal, (Positron Emission Particle Tracking, in collaboration with the School of Physics and Asronomy).

(v). Al-nanocomposites. 

Willingness to take PhD students


PhD projects

Bill Griffiths’s research interests are as follows:

Interfacial heat transfer during metallurgical processing
Defects in light alloys and their effects on mechanical properties
Lost foam casting
Radioactive particle tracking to study inclusions in liquid metals
Dr Griffiths currently supervises postgraduate researchers in the following areas:

Oxide film defects in Zn and Zn-Al alloys
The effect of casting in a He atmosphere on fatigue properties of Al alloys
Positron emission particle tracking to study inclusions in liquid metals
Quality of DC cast Al alloys
Fluidity in the lost foam casting process, and the effect of using low molecular weight foam patterns