Enhancement of Mechanical Properties of Pure Aluminium through Contactless Melt Sonicating Treatment

Agnieszka Dybalska, Adrian Caden, William D Griffiths, Zakareya Nashwan, Valdis Bojarevics, Georgi Djambazov, Catherine E H Tonry, Koulis A Pericleous

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A new contactless ultrasonic sonotrode method was previously designed to provide cavitation conditions inside liquid metal. The oscillation of entrapped gas bubbles followed by their final collapse causes extreme pressure changes leading to de-agglomeration and the dispersion of oxide films. The forced wetting of particle surfaces and degassing are other mechanisms that are considered to be involved. Previous publications showed a significant decrease in grain size using this technique. In this paper, the authors extend this research to strength measurements and demonstrate an improvement in cast quality. Degassing effects are also interpreted to illustrate the main mechanisms involved in alloy strengthening. The mean values and Weibull analysis are presented where appropriate to complete the data. The test results on cast Al demonstrated a maximum of 48% grain refinement, a 28% increase in elongation compared to 16% for untreated material and up to 17% increase in ultimate tensile strength (UTS). Under conditions promoting degassing, the hydrogen content was reduced by 0.1 cm3/100 g.

Original languageEnglish
Article number4479
Number of pages16
Issue number16
Publication statusPublished - 10 Aug 2021

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Funding Information:
Funding: The authors acknowledge financial support from the ExoMet Project (EC contract FP7-NMP3-LA-2012-280421), and EPSRC grants EP/P034411/1, EP/R002037/1, EP/R000239/1.

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  • ultrasonic treatment
  • contactless sonotrode
  • strength
  • elongation
  • degassing
  • cavitation
  • Weibull modulus


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