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Mike Adams’s research interests are in product engineering, particle technology, soft solids properties and processing, materials science, complex fluids, interfacial engineering, tribology and adhesion, and fibre science. His research themes are:

Particle technology: Roll compaction, granulation, tabletting, milling, powder characterisation, blending, mechanical properties of particles, granules and compacts, caking, liquid bridge forces, FEM, DEM
Tribology: Friction, lubrication, wear, adhesion, contact mechanics of polymers, mammalian skin (in vivo and in vitro), particles, powders, coatings and fibres
Complex fluids: Pastes, emulsions, dispersions; squeeze, orifice, capillary and confined flows; tack; elastoviscoelastic and non-linear viscoelastic material models; high throughput rheometery
Taction: Tactile sensors, biotribology of skin, tactile displays, modelling
Process engineering: Screw extrusion, ram extrusion, roll milling, upsetting, forming, cleaning