TGF-β/Extracellular Matrix Interactions in Dentin Matrix: A Role in Regulating Sequestration and Protection of Bioactivity

SM Baker, RV Sugars, M Wendel, Anthony Smith, RJ Waddington, Paul Cooper, AJ Sloan

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TGF-beta isoforms sequestrated in dentin matrix potentially provide a reservoir of bioactive molecules that may influence cell behavior in the dentin-pulp complex following tissue injury. The association of these growth factors with dentin matrix and the influence of such associations on the bioactivity of growth factors are still unclear. We used surface plasmon resonance technology in the BIAcore(TM) 3000 system to investigate the binding of TGF-beta isoforms 1 and 3 to purified decorin, biglycan, and EDTA soluble dentin matrix components. TGF-beta isoforms 1 and 3 were immobilized on sensorchips CM4 through amine coupling. For kinetic studies of protein binding, purified decorin and biglycan, isolated EDTA soluble dentin matrix, and dentin matrix immunodepleted of decorin and/or biglycan were injected over TGF-beta isoforms and allowed to interact. Programmed kinetic analysis software provided sensorgrams for each concentration of proteoglycan or dentin matrix extract injected. Purified decorin and biglycan and dentin matrix extract bound to the TGF-beta isoforms. However, the association with TGF-beta3 was much weaker than that with TGF-beta1. After immunoaffinity depletion of the dentin matrix extract, the level of interaction between the dentin matrix extract and TGF-beta was significantly reduced. These results suggest isoform-specific interactions between decorin/biglycan and TGF-beta isoforms 1 and 3, which may explain why TGF-beta3 is not detected in the dentin matrix despite being expressed at higher levels than TGF-beta1 in odontoblasts. These proteoglycans appear to play a significant role in TGF-beta/extracellular matrix interactions and may be important in the sequestration of these growth factors in the dentin matrix.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)66-74
Number of pages9
JournalCalcified Tissue International
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jul 2009


  • Biglycan
  • Dentin
  • TGF-beta
  • Decorin
  • Mineralization


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