Instabilities in Focused Ion Beam-patterned Au nanowires

Jay Naik, Philip Prewett, K Das, AK Raychaudhuri

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Focused Ion Beam (FIB) technology has become an indispensable enabling tool for micro nano fabrications. One important application is to use FIB for patterning conducting nanowires of metals down to a few tens of nanometre for applications such as interconnects, heaters and temperature nanosensors. A series of experiments on Au nanowires fabricated by FIB on SixNy membrane show that nanowires with width
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2840-2843
Number of pages4
JournalMicroelectron Engineering
Issue number9
Early online date12 May 2011
Publication statusPublished - 1 Sept 2011


  • Focused Ion Beam
  • Nanowire
  • Rayleigh-Plateau instability


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