Fundations of Global Engineering Networks: Essential Features of Effective Engineering, Singapore

Yufeng Zhang, Mike Gregory, Yongjiang Shi

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    This paper identifies some essential features of effective engineering networks in today's business environments. They include (i) global engineering operations, (ii) management of both explicit and tacit engineering knowledge, (iii) networked resources, and (iv) integrated IT. Based on these features, the concept of global engineering networks (GEN) is proposed as a network approach to engineering management aiming to strengthen the competitiveness of a company through the improved management of its geographically and functionally distributed engineering resources on a global scale. The concept of GEN offers an overall framework to integrate the fragmented works on engineering networks; lays foundations for the systematic study of effective engineering networks including their characteristics, capabilities, configurations and behaviours; and sheds light on the design and operation of engineering networks. This study is based on a literature review and exploratory case studies. Further in-depth studies are needed to improve its reliability and validity
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)1113-1117
    JournalThe IEEE International Conference on Management of Innovation and Technology
    Publication statusPublished - 26 Dec 2006
    EventManagement of Innovation and Technology, 2006 IEEE International Conference on -
    Duration: 21 Jun 200623 Jun 2006


    • Global Engineering Networks (GEN), Globalization
    • Engineering Management
    • Networks


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