Action on Neglect - a resource pack

Cheryl Burgess, Brigid Daniel, Erica Whitfield, David Derbyshire, Julie Taylor

Research output: Book/ReportBook


The Action on Neglect Resource Pack contains materials which aim to ensure that practitioners such as teachers, nurses and social workers are supported to provide the best possible response to children who are experiencing neglect. Through consultation with the practitioner groups and also with parents and young people who have experienced neglect, it outlines ways in which barriers to providing a timely response and help to children might be overcome. Using non-jargonised language and keeping the child?s experience at the centre of our discussions, the authors have traced children?s pathways through the system. They have mapped what actually happens, rather than what ought to happen, what blocks effective responses and what could be changed. The pack also contains a range of other documents which include useful links to practice tools and research materials. This resource pack was produced by a small team from the University of Stirling and Action for Children and the University of Dundee and draws on a year long process of knowledge exchange with three groups of practitioners and managers working with children in different areas of England. Action on Neglect is an Economic and Social Research Council Follow on Fund sponsored project which leads on from the study ?Noticing and Helping the Neglected Child: a systematic literature review? (Daniel et al, 2009) and the subsequent book published in 2011.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherUniversity of Stirling
Publication statusPublished - 2013


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