A measurement of the K+→π+μ+μ− decay

NA62 Collaboration

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A sample of 2.8 × 104K+ → π+μ+μ− candidates with negligible background was collected by the NA62 experiment at the CERN SPS in 2017–2018. The model-independent branching fraction is measured to be (9.15 ± 0.08) × 10−8, a factor three more precise than previous measurements. The decay form factor is presented as a function of the squared dimuon mass. A measurement of the form factor parameters and their uncertainties is performed using a description based on Chiral Perturbation Theory at O(p6).
Original languageEnglish
Article number11
Number of pages19
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - 4 Nov 2022


  • Branching fraction
  • Fixed Target Experiments
  • Flavour Changing Neutral
  • Currents
  • Rare Decay
  • Flavour Changing Neutral Currents


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