Standardization of uveitis nomenclature for reporting clinical data. Results of the first international workshop

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  • The Standardization of Uveitis Nomenclature (Sun) Working Group

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  • Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine
  • F. C. Donders Institute of Ophthalmology


• PURPOSE: To begin a process of standardizing the methods for reporting clinical data in the field of uveitis. • DESIGN: Consensus workshop. • METHODS: Members of an international working group were surveyed about diagnostic terminology, inflammation grading schema, and outcome measures, and the results used to develop a series of proposals to better standardize the use of these entities. Small groups employed nominal group techniques to achieve consensus on several of these issues. • RESULTS: The group affirmed that an anatomic classification of uveitis should be used as a framework for subsequent work on diagnostic criteria for specific uveitic syndromes and that the classification of uveitis entities should be on the basis of the location of the inflammation and not on the presence of structural complications. Issues regarding the use of the terms "intermediate uveitis," "pars planitis," "panuveitis," and descriptors of the onset and course of the uveitis were addressed. The following were adopted: standardized grading schema for anterior chamber cells, anterior chamber flare, and for vitreous haze; standardized methods of recording structural complications of uveitis; standardized definitions of outcomes, including "inactive" inflammation, "improvement" and "worsening" of the inflammation, and "corticosteroid sparing," and standardized guidelines for reporting visual acuity outcomes. • CONCLUSIONS: A process of standardizing the approach to reporting clinical data in uveitis research has begun, and several terms have been standardized.


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