Seismic constraints on rotation of Sun-like star and mass of exoplanet

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  • Laurent Gizon
  • Jérome Ballot
  • Eric Michel
  • Thorsten Stahn
  • Gérard Vauclair
  • Hans Bruntt
  • Pierre Olivier Quirion
  • Othman Benomar
  • Sylvie Vauclair
  • Thierry Appourchaux
  • Michel Auvergne
  • Annie Baglin
  • Caroline Barban
  • Fréderic Baudin
  • Michaël Bazot
  • Claude Catala
  • Orlagh Creevey
  • Sébastien Deheuvels
  • Noël Dolez
  • Rafael García
  • Patrick Gaulme
  • Stéphane Mathis
  • Savita Mathur
  • Benoît Mosser
  • Clara Régulo
  • Ian Roxburgh
  • David Salabert
  • Réza Samadi
  • Kumiko Sato
  • Shravan Hanasoge
  • Katepalli R. Sreenivasan

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Rotation is thought to drive cyclic magnetic activity in the Sun and Sun-like stars. Stellar dynamos, however, are poorly understood owing to the scarcity of observations of rotation and magnetic fields in stars. Here, inferences are drawn on the internal rotation of a distant Sun-like star by studying its global modes of oscillation. We report asteroseismic constraints imposed on the rotation rate and the inclination of the spin axis of the Sun-like star HD 52265, a principal target observed by the CoRoT satellite that is known to host a planetary companion. These seismic inferences are remarkably consistent with an independent spectroscopic observation (rotational line broadening) and with the observed rotation period of star spots. Furthermore, asteroseismology constrains the mass of exoplanet HD 52265b. Under the standard assumption that the stellar spin axis and the axis of the planetary orbit coincide, the minimum spectroscopic mass of the planet can be converted into a true mass of 1:85+0:52 -0:42MJupiter, which implies that it is a planet, not a brown dwarf.


Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)13267-13271
Number of pages5
JournalNational Academy of Sciences. Proceedings
Issue number33
Publication statusPublished - 13 Aug 2013


  • Extrasolar planets, Stellar oscillations, Stellar rotation

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