Popular Culture: Music

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This year's Popular Culture chapter examines three areas of work in recent popular music studies. The books under examination deal with key topics in the field: the relation between the structure of the music industry, musicians, and the wider culture that surrounds them; and the ongoing debate about the nature of 'true' (as opposed to commercially driven) musicianship. The chapter is divided into three sections; 1: Industry and Culture; 2: Artists and Authenticity; 3: DJs, Remixes and Turntablism. The first section looks at the relation between the music industry and the cultural and economic forces that shape both the industry and the society of which it is a part. The second section deals with recent publications that touch on the idea of authenticity- perhaps the most contested term in popular music studies. The third section examines publications on DJs and turntabilism (or, in other words, the use of the technologies of musical reproduction in the creation of new music)- an area of popular music thought of by at least some other musicians are irredeemably inauthentic.


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JournalYear's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory
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Publication statusPublished - 11 May 2015


  • Popular music, Popular culture