Polarized left-handed extraordinary optical transmission of subterahertz waves

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In this paper we design and measure a metamaterial polarizing device working in the sub-terahertz range. The polarizer is based on a modified version of our previous miniaturized Stacked Hole Array (SHA) structure, an arrangement that combines Extraordinary Optical Transmission (EOT) and Left-Handed Metamaterial (LHM) propagation even under Fresnel illumination. Here, we use a self complementary screen by connecting the holes of an EOT structure. Importantly, EOT remains and simultaneously total reflection is obtained for the orthogonal component. Moreover, by computing the dispersion diagram, we demonstrate that LHM propagation can be achieved for the principal polarization within the stop band of the orthogonal component, which propagates in other bands as a standard forward wave. Finally, we check our conjectures by measuring the transmission and reflection coefficients of screens milled on a low-loss microwave substrate. Measurements have been taken for 1 to 6 stacked wafers and they show clearly that the stack acts as a polarizer with left-handed characteristic. Our results open the way to design of novel polarization control metamaterials at Terahertz wavelengths.


Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)8125-8134
Number of pages10
JournalOptics Express
Issue number13
Publication statusPublished - 25 Jun 2007