Performance of a high resolution chemically amplified electron beam resist at various beam energies

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  • Dongxu Yang
  • A. McClelland
  • J. Roth
  • M. Rosamond
  • E.H. Linfield
  • J. Osmond

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  • Nano-C, Inc.
  • University of Leeds
  • ICFO, The Institute of Photonic Sciences, Mediterranean Technology Park, Barcelona 08860


A novel negative tone molecular resist molecule featuring a tert-butyloxycarbonyl protected phenol malonate group bonded to a 1,8-Diazabicycloundece-7-ene is presented. The resist shows high-resolution capability in electron beam lithography at a range of beam energies. The resist demonstrated a sensitivity of 18.7 μC/cm2 at 20 kV. Dense features with a line width of 15 nm have been demonstrated at 30 kV, whilst a feature size of 12.5 nm was achieved for dense lines at 100 kV.


Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)97-101
JournalMicroelectronic Engineering
Early online date5 Mar 2016
Publication statusPublished - 2 Apr 2016


  • Electron beam lithography, Molecular resist, Chemically amplification, Electron beam energy