Microfabrication of Net Shape Zirconia/Alumina Nano-Composite Micro Parts

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  • Kingston University
  • Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport


Recently, there are growing demands in manufacturing of net shape micro parts for wide range of applications due to the increasing interest in miniaturization. In this paper, the fabrication of tetragonal phase zirconia/alumina (YSZ/Al2O3) nanocomposite micro-parts with high quality is presented. The fabrication process is based on soft lithography and colloidal powder dispersion. Experimental results showed that by optimizing the soft lithography and the dispersion process, it was possible to produce high-resolution micro-parts with well dispersed alumina. The X-ray diffraction results had confirmed the important role of the alumina particles in eliminating the emergence of monoclinic phase while the microstructures reveal a pure tetragonal phase. In addition, the sintered YSZ/Al2O3 micro parts achieved micro hardness with 20% superior to the pure YSZ sintered micro-parts with the addition of 5% alumina.


Original languageEnglish
Article number593
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - 5 Aug 2018


  • soft lithography, dispersion, alumina, zirconia, nanocomposite, micro fabrication