Loss of CD154 impairs the Th2 extrafollicular plasma cell response but not early T cell proliferation and IL-4 induction

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Ligation of CD40 by CD4 T cells through CD154 is key both to germinal centre induction and follicular T-dependent Ig class switching, but its requirement for aspects of T cell priming and extrafollicular antibody responses is less clear. Here comparison of the T helper (Th) type 2 response in lymph nodes from wild-type mice and CD154-deficient mice after immunization with alum-precipitated antigen reveals selective effects of this immunodeficiency. The timing and magnitude of the early interleukin (IL)-4 induction and proliferation in T cells of the T zone were unaltered by CD154 deficiency. As expected, germinal centres were not induced. Additionally the T-dependent extrafollicular antibody response, which initially requires T cell help but expands without further T cell involvement, was severely curtailed. The median number of extrafollicular antigen-specific plasma cells was 370-fold lower in CD154-deficient mice. Of these plasma cells the median proportion that had switched to IgG1 was


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Pages (from-to)187-93
Number of pages7
Publication statusPublished - 1 Oct 2004