Generation of knockout rabbits using transcription activator-like effector nucleases

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  • Yu Wang
  • Nana Fan
  • Jun Song
  • Juan Zhong
  • Xiaogang Guo
  • Weihua Tian
  • Quanjun Zhang
  • Fenggong Cui
  • Li Li
  • Miguel A Esteban
  • Liangxue Lai


Zinc-finger nucleases and transcription activator-like effector nucleases are novel gene-editing platforms contributing to redefine the boundaries of modern biological research. They are composed of a non-specific cleavage domain and a tailor made DNA-binding module, which enables a broad range of genetic modifications by inducing efficient DNA double-strand breaks at desired loci. Among other remarkable uses, these nucleases have been employed to produce gene knockouts in mid-size and large animals, such as rabbits and pigs, respectively. This approach is cost effective, relatively quick, and can produce invaluable models for human disease studies, biotechnology or agricultural purposes. Here we describe a protocol for the efficient generation of knockout rabbits using transcription activator-like effector nucleases, and a perspective of the field.


Original languageEnglish
Article number3
JournalCell Regeneration
Publication statusPublished - 5 Feb 2014