Features of fracture surface in a fully lamellar TiAl-base alloy

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The deformation mechanisms associated with different fracture surface appearances of a fatigue tested lamellar TiAl-based alloy have been studied in detail by focussed ion beam and transmission electron microscopy. The results show that linear markings within translamellar plates correspond to twins and/or slip bands. The markings in interlamellar region are associated with the crack propagation from a lamellar boundary to another. The fan-like region with linear markings belongs to a gamma grain and the markings are related to twins. Intralamellar crack propagation is associated with twinetwin interaction within a gamma lamella.


Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)36-42
Number of pages7
Early online date26 Nov 2014
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2015


  • Titanium aluminides, based on TiAl, Microstructure, Ion-beam methods, Electron microscopy, transmission, scanning