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Ceramics can be shaped by extrusion, a process in which a dough, paste or gel is forced through an orifice to form a strand with the cross-sectional profile of the orifice. The shaping process is described and the formulation requirements for the feed materials are considered. The characterization of these multiphase pastes is discussed and some thoughts on the rheological methods that have been used to study their flow are presented, giving insight into both the complexity of the materials and process, and the issues of measuring their behavior. Mixing and defects specific to paste formulation are described. Developments in extrusion freeform fabrication and co-extrusion are considered.


Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationReference Module in Materials Science and Materials Engineering
Publication statusE-pub ahead of print - 27 May 2020


  • Additives, Auger, Characterization, Co-extrusion, Defects, Extrusion, Extrusion freeform fabrication, Flow, Formulation, Mixing, Particle packing, Paste, Piston, Pressure generation, Ram, Screw