Expedition 369 methods

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  • B.T. Huber
  • R.W. Hobbs
  • K.A. Bogus
  • S.J. Batenburg
  • H.-J. Brumsack
  • R. do Monte Guerra
  • T. Edvardsen
  • M.L. Garcia Tejada
  • D.L. Harry
  • T. Hasegawa
  • S.J. Haynes
  • T. Jiang
  • M.M. Jones
  • J. Kuroda
  • E.Y. Lee
  • Y.-X. Li
  • K.G. MacLeod
  • A. Maritati
  • M. Martinez
  • L.K. O’Connor
  • M.R. Petrizzo
  • T.M. Quan
  • C. Richter
  • L. Riquier
  • G.T. Tagliaro
  • C.C. Wainman
  • D.K. Watkins
  • L.T. White
  • E. Wolfgring
  • Z. Xu

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Original languageEnglish
Article number102
Number of pages40
JournalProceedings of the International Ocean Discovery Program
Publication statusPublished - 25 May 2019


  • International Ocean Discovery Program, IODP, JOIDES Resolution, Expedition 369, Site U1512, Site U1513, Site U1514, Site U1515, Site U1516, Hot Cretaceous Greenhouse, oceanic anoxic events, Mentelle Basin, Naturaliste Plateau, Great Australian Bight, Gondwana breakup, Tasman Gateway, Indonesian Gateway, cyclostratigraphy, carbon isotope excursions, Paleocene/Eocene Thermal Maximum, Eocene greenhouse, Miocene, volcanic rifted margin, nonvolcanic rifted margin