EU-Japan Relations and the Crisis of Multilateralism

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Presenting the history of relations between the European Union and Japan, this
book explains the origins and significance of the momentous 2018 Economic
Partnership Agreement and its parallel Strategic Partnership Agreement.
Set within the historical context of the 1991 Hague Declaration and Action
Plan of 2001, this book analyses the impact of recent background changes to the
liberal trading order, the proliferation of free trade agreements, and uncertainty
about the role of the United States in the world on relations between Japan and
the EU. Adopting a path-dependent approach, it illustrates how these agreements
were reached as a result of growing patterns of cooperative behaviour between
the EU and Japan, and the imprint of shared past experiences in areas from
trade to security. In so doing, this book also raises important questions about the
future of multilateral cooperation, exploring the potential for bilateral agreements
to undermine the possibility of finding international solutions to increasingly
international problems.
EU–Japan Relations and the Crisis of Multilateralism will appeal to students and
scholars of European and Japanese politics and international relations, as well as
policymakers internationally with an interest in these significant agreements.


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Number of pages196
Publication statusPublished - 2020


  • EU, Japan, Multilateralism, Economic Partnership Agreement, Strategic Partnership Agreement

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