Engineering polymers and composites for machine elements

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This chapter reviews the use of engineering polymers and short-fibre reinforced thermoplastics for machine elements such as gears, cams and pulleys where the polymers are in non-conformal contact. Both twin-disc testing and gear tests are examined for a variety of engineering polymers as well as the effects of temperature, fibre reinforcement and geometry on performance. Gear efficiency, failure mechanisms and wear of polymer gears are also covered in detail. Finally polymer gears for high-performance applications are considered together with the effects of external lubrication.

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This book deals with the new and now-expanding field of friction, wear, and other surface-related mechanical phenomena for polymers. Polymers have been used in various forms such as bulk, films, and composites in applications where their friction, wear resistance, and other surface-related properties have been effectively utilized. There are also many examples in which polymers have performed extremely well, such as in tyres, shoes, brakes, gears, bearings, small moving parts in electronics and MEMS, cosmetics/hair products, and artificial human joints. Around the world, much research is currently being undertaken to develop new polymers, in different forms, for further enhancing tribological performance and for finding novel applications. Keeping in view the importance of tribology of polymers for research and technology as well as the vast literature that is now available in research papers and review articles, this timely book brings together a wealth of research data for an understanding of the basic principles of the subject.


Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationPolymer Tribology
EditorsSujeet K Sinha, Brian J Briscoe
Publication statusPublished - 17 Mar 2009