'Der Seele Rat' in komparatistischer Sicht: Heinrich von Burgeis, 'L'Omme Pecheur' und 'Everyman'

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Undertakes a task proposed a century ago but never before done, namely systematically comparing three medieval works (in German, French and English) centred on the sacrament of penance. Comparing Heinrich von Burgeis's high-medieval treatise and two very different late-medieval plays reveals much of the works' differing theological and didactic aims, as well as their structure and literary methods. The analysis also facilitates some more general reflections about the tensions and links between the superficially very different genres of the sermon and the theatre play.


Translated title of the contribution'Der Seele Rat' : A Comparatist View. Heinrich von Burgeis, 'L'Omme Pecheur' and 'Everyman'
Original languageGerman
Title of host publicationHeinrich von Burgeis: 'Der Seele Rat'
Subtitle of host publicationSymposium zu einem hochmittelalterlichen Predigermoench
EditorsElisabeth De Felip-Jaud, Max Siller
Publication statusPublished - 20 Jan 2018

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