Cavalcanti e il "suono" delle penne isbigotite: un altro "salut" italiano?

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In the salutz d’amor, the materiality of the components of an actual letter (the signature, paper, seal, ink) are given the function of signifying the physicality of the sender. Often, the role of the messenger is played by the lover’s heart, but in Guillame de Saint Didier we can hear the parchment itself speaking of a lover suspended between life and death ; and, in Madonna mia, the saluto by Giacomo da Lentini, it is the lover’s sighs that act as messengers. If we link the speaking quills of Guido Cavalcanti to this Romance tradition, we can further understand the colloquial tone of a sonnet addressed to Madonna rather than to the Fedeli d’Amore ; the necessity to reassign the poem to a proemial or conclusive position within a hypothetical authorial sequence; and finally recognise, in the Occitanism isbigotito, the signal of a poetic legacy, as well as the sender’s signature


Translated title of the contributionCavalcanti and the "sound" of the " bewildered quilts": another Italian "salut"?
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JournalStudie e problemi di critica testuale
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