Application of new nanoparticle structures as catalysts: general discussion

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Application of new nanoparticle structures as catalysts : general discussion. / Baletto, Francesca; Boeije, Maurits; Bordet, Alexis; Brinkert, Katharina; Catlow, Richard; Davies, Josh; Dononelli, Wilke; Freund, Hans-Joachim; Friend, Cynthia; Gates, Bruce; Genest, Alexander; Guan, Shaoliang; Hardacre, Christopher; Hargreaves, Justin; Huang, Haoliang; Hutchings, Graham; Johnston, Roy; Lai, Stanley; Lamberti, Carlo; Marbaix, Julien; Miranda, Caetano Rodrigues; Nome, Rene; Peron, Jennifer; Quinson, Jonathan; Richards, Nia; Roesch, Notker; Russell, Andrea; Said, Said; Selvam, Parasuraman; Sermon, Paul; Shozi, Mzamo; Skylaris, Chris-Kriton; Spolaore, Federico; Walker, James; Whiston, Keith; Willock, David.

In: Faraday Discussions, 09.08.2018.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle


Baletto, F, Boeije, M, Bordet, A, Brinkert, K, Catlow, R, Davies, J, Dononelli, W, Freund, H-J, Friend, C, Gates, B, Genest, A, Guan, S, Hardacre, C, Hargreaves, J, Huang, H, Hutchings, G, Johnston, R, Lai, S, Lamberti, C, Marbaix, J, Miranda, CR, Nome, R, Peron, J, Quinson, J, Richards, N, Roesch, N, Russell, A, Said, S, Selvam, P, Sermon, P, Shozi, M, Skylaris, C-K, Spolaore, F, Walker, J, Whiston, K & Willock, D 2018, 'Application of new nanoparticle structures as catalysts: general discussion', Faraday Discussions.


Baletto, F., Boeije, M., Bordet, A., Brinkert, K., Catlow, R., Davies, J., Dononelli, W., Freund, H-J., Friend, C., Gates, B., Genest, A., Guan, S., Hardacre, C., Hargreaves, J., Huang, H., Hutchings, G., Johnston, R., Lai, S., Lamberti, C., ... Willock, D. (2018). Application of new nanoparticle structures as catalysts: general discussion. Faraday Discussions.



Baletto, Francesca ; Boeije, Maurits ; Bordet, Alexis ; Brinkert, Katharina ; Catlow, Richard ; Davies, Josh ; Dononelli, Wilke ; Freund, Hans-Joachim ; Friend, Cynthia ; Gates, Bruce ; Genest, Alexander ; Guan, Shaoliang ; Hardacre, Christopher ; Hargreaves, Justin ; Huang, Haoliang ; Hutchings, Graham ; Johnston, Roy ; Lai, Stanley ; Lamberti, Carlo ; Marbaix, Julien ; Miranda, Caetano Rodrigues ; Nome, Rene ; Peron, Jennifer ; Quinson, Jonathan ; Richards, Nia ; Roesch, Notker ; Russell, Andrea ; Said, Said ; Selvam, Parasuraman ; Sermon, Paul ; Shozi, Mzamo ; Skylaris, Chris-Kriton ; Spolaore, Federico ; Walker, James ; Whiston, Keith ; Willock, David. / Application of new nanoparticle structures as catalysts : general discussion. In: Faraday Discussions. 2018.


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T1 - Application of new nanoparticle structures as catalysts

T2 - general discussion

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PY - 2018/8/9

Y1 - 2018/8/9

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