A groundwork case of Lebanese Education Policy sociohistorical analysis from World War II, 1945 to the dissolution of the government in 2020

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Lebanese Education Policy has not empowered all citizens with competences for critical thinking skills, and ability to work collaboratively with good communication to problem solve. An objectives based curriculum has been disrupted in delivery due to ongoing civil war and the horrific impacts of war on the mental health and well being of the people of Lebanon. The curriculum has been overloaded with subjects that must be memorised causing cognitive overload and further mental health problems for Lebanese students. The dissolved Lebanese Ministry for Education and Higher Education (MEHE) has ‘Nothing to Display’ on the website. Mayssa’s Competences for Critical Thinking reveals the principle of being critical is important, but is not scripted in Lebanese education policy. Education Policy should be implemented by an Interim Government with and for the people with transparent financial accountability of funds from the Lebanese tax payer and from tax payers from other benefactor states including the US and the UK to eliminate fraud and corruption and to support the most vulnerable in Lebanon including over 1.5 million refugees. Evidence Informed Theories of Change need to be developed through grassroots up Professional Educators’ and Administrators’ Committees for Evolution (PEACE) and implemented to develop formative and summative Assessment for Personal and Social Learning. These need to be mapped to a national Competence-Based Assessment Framework. Data of what works empirically, logically and ethically to optimise students’ learning, supported by international networks and amplified by this journal needs to be disseminated as groundwork cases, benchmarked and mainstreamed to optimise reach and impact of what readers can decide for themselves is good faculty of judgement and what tools they need to make this decision.


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JournalJournal Groundwork Cases and Faculty of Judgement
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Publication statusPublished - 24 Mar 2021