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The focus of Will Jenkinson’s research has been on the biology of thymic microenvironments. In particular, he has developed a research emphasis on the investigation of mechanisms regulating the development of specialised epithelial cells within the thymus. Critically, thymic epithelial cells play a unique role in nurturing the development of mature T cells pivotal to the efficient functioning of the adaptive immune system. Investigation of how thymic microenvironments are both initially established and maintained provides important insights into the processes regulating the efficiency of T cell development and associated T-cell mediated immunoprotection. His key areas of research include:

Thymic epithelial proliferation and thymus growth
Inter-relationship of thymic epithelial cell availability and efficiency of T cell development
Identifying thymic epithelial progenitor populations
Regulation of T cell development and thymus colonisation

Dr Jenkinson is interested in supervising doctoral researchers in each of these areas.