Vass Bavro

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Vassiliy Bavro is a structural biologist with a strong track record in membrane protein research. His research interests are in fundamental principles of membrane protein function and dynamics, and specifically the structural determinants underlying the function of multidrug efflux pumps and bacterial protein secretion machinery.

His current research focuses on large membrane-protein complexes involved in bacterial drug resistance such as the tripartite pumps and protein secretion systems. He aims to solve the stoichiometry of these complexes experimentally and to reconstruct the full complex structure based on integration of high resolution X-ray crystallographic data on isolated components and medium- to low-resolution approaches such as EM, non-dissociative mass spectrometry and X-ray radiolytic footprinting (XRF) - a technique which he pioneered.

Dr Bavro remains actively involved in the development of novel methods for structural biology research in application to membrane proteins, and in work on conformational dynamics of ion channels.