Uta Noppeney

Willingness to take PhD students


PhD projects

Uta Noppeney's research investigates how the human brain acquires, represents and retrieves knowledge about the environment in which we find ourselves. Her team addresses this central research question from three complementary perspectives: Multisensory integration; language; and concept learning. To characterise the underlying neural and computational mechanisms, Professor Noppeney's research group combine psychophysics, functional imaging (fMRI and EEG/MEG) and computational modelling.

The group's current research focuses primarily on how the human brain integrates information from multiple senses with prior knowledge to form a coherent and more reliable percept of its environment. Within the cortical hierarchy, multisensory perception emerges in an interactive process with top-down prior information constraining the interpretation of the incoming sensory signals. Professor Noppeney is interested in supervising doctoral research in topics related to multisensory integration and categorisation. Knowledge in cognitive neuroscience, prior experience in functional imaging and a strong quantitative background would be an advantage.