Tom Dunkley Jones

Tom Dunkley Jones

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Research interests

Tom is a micropalaeontologist and paleoceanograher specializing in the study of fossil coccolithophore algae. His research interests are focused on the warm-climate states of the Paleogene period and include the use of coccolithophore assemblages and geochemical signatures as palaeoceanographic proxies. Tom is also interested in improving reconstructions of warm climate temperature proxy data, and their use in constraining palaeoclimate model simulations. He has sailed as a shipboard nannofossil stratigrapher on International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) Expeditions 320 (Pacific Equatorial Age Transect) and Exp. 363 (West Pacific Warm Pool, as well as being lead proponent on IODP proposal 864-full2 (Equatorial Atlantic Gateway; scheduled as IODP Expedition 388; Aug-Sept 2020). 


Willingness to take PhD students


PhD projects

Dr Dunkley-Jones currently supervises PhD projects on developing coccolith Sr/Ca ratios as a palaeoproductivity proxy through the Eocene/Oligocene transition and diversity and community processes in marine microplankton. He welcomes applications from potential doctoral researchers in all his areas of interest.