Theresa Lynch

Colleges, School and Institutes


Theresa has an undergraduate degree in Law and an LLM in Criminal Litigation and has been called to the Bar at Gray’s Inn. Prior to joining Birmingham Law School she was employed by the Crown Prosecution Service and she first joined the Law School as a Postgraduate Teaching Assistant. Theresa’s present role is as a Teaching Fellow and Director of Advocacy at Birmingham Law School. Her role is linked to the Centre for Professional Legal Education and Research (CEPLER). She has a keen interest in teaching and researching legal skills and as part of her Director of Advocacy role she co-ordinates many student focused activities such as mooting, debating, negotiation and mediation. She is also the module leader for a final year optional module entitled: Advocacy (Mooting). Theresa is currently engaged in research which explores the use made of mooting as a learning and teaching tool. Theresa’s other research interests are in the field of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice.

Research interests

Theresa’s research and teaching interests fall into two categories. She has an interest in Criminal Law and Criminal Justice and her current research focuses on anti-social behaviour measures and their use against street based sex workers in England and Wales. Secondly, she has an interest in legal education, with a particular focus on the use which is made of advocacy as a teaching and learning tool in both the curriculum and as an extra-curricular activity at the University level.