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Steve Publicover has worked on ion channels and cell signalling (primarily Ca2+) in the physiology and pathology of a number of cell types. Initially this work was focused on synaptic transmission, synaptic plasticity and Ca2+-mediated cell death in excitable cells. After moving to Birmingham, he worked on signalling in mammalian bone, particularly the putative glutamatergic signalling network.

Dr Publicover's laboratory now concentrates on human sperm physiology and sperm-egg signalling. The team is studying signalling events (primarily Ca2+i signalling and ion channel regulation) evoked by interaction of sperm with the oocyte-cumulus complex and the female tract. Its primary area of interest is the role(s) of Ca2+signalling and post-translational protein modification in regulation of the activities of human spermatozoa (particularly motility) in response to factors encountered by the sperm in the female tract, both from the tract itself and from the oocyte and its surrounding cumulus cells. It is using ion-imaging, electrophysiological and molecular techniques, together with standard techniques for assessment of motility, to study signal transduction and downstream responses in human sperm.