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Stephen Kukureka has research interests in the mechanical properties and applied physics of polymers, especially polymer tribology. He is also interested in the mechanical reliability of materials for flexible electronic displays and touch screens (plastic electronics), as well as in optical fibres, sensors and polymers for biomedical engineering. Dr Kukureka's research themes are as follows:

Polymer tribology: friction and wear of engineering polymers, particularly under non-conformal, rolling-sliding contact as found in gears, cams and pulleys
Flexible displays: properties and manufacture of thin films of transparent conducting oxides on polymer substrates for flexible display, touch-screen and related applications (plastic electronics)
Biomedical engineering: fracture and fatigue in medical grade elastomers for small joint arthoplasties; viscoelasticity in polymers for bioengineering
Optical fibre sensors: mechanical reliability of optical fibres and sensors for smart structures including fracture, fatigue, stress corrosion and statistics of failure
Blends, copolymers and cyclic Polymers: morphology and properties of blends and copolymers of engineering polymers