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Shuang Zhang’s research has centred on the development of plasmonic devices and optical metamaterials whose electromagnetic properties cannot be obtained from natural materials. His contributions to this field include the design and demonstration of the first bulk optical negative-index metamaterials - fishnet metamaterial, the first mid-infrared magnetic metamaterials and the first terahertz chiral negative-index metamaterials - and the first optical invisibility cloak of macroscopic size. He has also been involved in the development of optoelectronic devices, such as semiconductor distributed feedback lasers, infrared single photon detectors and plasmonic enhanced infrared detectors.

His current research focuses on the integration of optoelectronics, plasmonics and metamaterials to achieve active control of nanophotonic devices and to investigate new functional photonic materials with exotic optical properties and applications.

Dr Zhang’s research spans the themes of: optical metamaterials; transformation optics and invisibility; plasmonics; nonlinear optics; super-resolution imaging; and opto-electronics.