Sean Kehoe




J.Seton – Pringle Prize [General Surgery]                                   1983

Lindsay Park Memorial Prize                                                      1993

[Birmingham and Midlands O&G Society]

Lilly Oncology Meeting Award                                                    1995

Edgar Gentilli Prize [RCOG]                                                       1997

Awarded the Boyle Memorial Medal

Institute of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists, Ireland                      2010






External Examiner  MSc,MD, PhD


Keele University

University College London

Manchester University

Aston University Birmingham

Oxford Brooks University

Cardiff University

Warwick University

Cairo University

Jordan University


I have undertaken the above on more than one occasion for some institutions.


External assessor for Academic Promotions


Jordan University

Leicester University

Imperial College London



Senior Research  Fellow

Member of the Investment Committee 2005-

Member of the Library Committee 2005-6

Member of Congregation

College Advisor to 3 PhD Students



Medical Panel – Jos Trust [Charitable support group for cervical cancer ]

Medical Advisor to OVACOME – charitable organisation for ovarian cancer 2008-

Senior Medical Advisor/spokesperson and Trustee of OVACOME 2008-

Chief  Investigator of CHORUS trial [RCOG/MRC] trial on ovarian cancer

NCRI – Member of the Gynaecological Cancer Group 2003-8

NCRI – Member of the subgroups – (i)Endometrial Cancer,(ii) Ovarian Cancer 2008-

Scientific Mentor to the National Cancer Research Network , Consumers Group 2003-8

Chairman of the NCRI Endometrial Cancer  Sub-Group 2006-8

Advisor to E Health – Women’s Gynaecological Cancers [development of the internet ]

Member of the Cancer Guidelines Development Group , BGCS

Elected Council Member BGCS – 2008–

President of the BGCS elected Nov 2009.

On DOH  Cancer Diagnostic Board - 2010-

Member of the National Cancer Intelligence Network Group [Gynaecological Oncology]

BGCS//RCOG representative  -   British Association of Surgical Oncologists 2011-

Member of the RoyalCollege of Surgeons Cancer Services Committee - 2012-

Research Advisors/Consultant to the Swiss Institute – 2011-


Reviewer for: MRC, CTAAC,HTA,WOW, BUPA foundation,

Trial Management Member for mEOC – MRC trial. [2008]


RCOG related:

Assessor of  

Trainees, in  the Subspecialty of Gynaecological Oncology

Hospital Recognition Assessor– for Gynaecological Oncology Training and General Obstetrics /Gynaecology

DIALOG Editor – Gynaecological Cancer

Journal Referee – British Journal Of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Representative – NICE guidelines:  Referral of  Suspected Gynaecological Cancers.

Reviewer for RCOG and Wellbeing Grant Applications

Development of Training Programme for Unit Leads in Gynaecological Oncology

Committee for RCOG Congress – [BGCS representative] 2007

Convener  of Study Group  Meetings – 2008-

Editorial Board Member BJOG – 2008–

BJOG Management Board 2011-

Elected to Council RCOG [South East Regional Representative] 2011-




Lawson Tait Professor of Gynaecological Cancer University of Birmingham

Senior Research Fellow St.Peters College, Oxford.



Nearly all the positions I have held since qualification, had some element of either under or post-graduate teaching. As the Lecturer in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the City Hospital – I was responsible for the undergraduate course and for the RAE/GMC evaluation in  1998,[Birmingham University]. I had the responsibility to ensure the appropriate elements  of the training programme for City Hospital Trust, were in order, and introduced student evaluation to the teaching course.

Presently I undertake formal undergraduate teaching [lectures] and more informal teaching – in outpatients/theatres. I also  regularly examine the final year medical student, both in their written and OSCE based examinations.

I am the Educational Supervisor for 2 Trainees in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Director of Training for Gynaecological Oncology

Research interests

Research Interests:

A  resume in boxed format is shown below. The main focus of my research has been in ovarian cancer, to identify areas with potential important implications in care and outcomes, in other words, with translational objectives. The spectrum of areas I am interested in are wide -in ovarian cancer my work in epidemiology has been used to facilitate the  National reconfiguration of Cancer Services, and equally, my work on vulval groin surgery ,is recognized as the original RCT of surgical care in this disease.


The basis of my MD thesis was an evaluation of  post-surgical cellular immune status and intra-peritoneal tumour cell dynamics in patients with ovarian cancer. This entailed flow cytometric assessment of intra-peritoneal and peripheral blood samples in a prospective manner commencing at surgery. The results revealed novel prognosticators in ovarian cancer, in that, the post-surgical increase in intra-peritoneal malignant aneuploid cell populations, and the associated reduced immune capacity, were both adversely related to survival. Both these findings support the earlier use of chemotherapy [in conjunction with immunotherapy], and reveals the potential negative impact of surgery, when residual disease is left in situ. Based on this work, 3 grants, including a Wellbeing grant have been successfully gained.



CI: CHORUS:  CHemotherapy OR Upfront Surgery. [MRC/RCOG]

I am the Chief Investigator of this trial which commenced recruitment in 2004 and sponsored by the MRC. This  is presently the only important surgical  trial in  ovarian cancer  in the UK –and indeed the world. The study addresses the question as to the timing of surgery in advanced ovarian carcinoma.    Over  50 centers recruited to  the trial within the UK and  New Zealand.  Recruitment of 552 women has been achieved and the  plan is to report in 2012 /3.

The preliminary part was a feasibility study – which achieved its goals, and a successful CTAAC grant was obtained. CHORUS and the  EORTC 55971 trial ( a similar European based study) will publish both studies independently, and a further combined analysis.  Using this as a template, research projects are  planned, which should  advance the understanding of this disease.

The feasibility part of this study was the first Cancer Phase III trials which was a collaborative venture between  the RCOG/MRC.


CI -: ROSIP –Randomised Phase III trial on  surgery vs chemotherapy in Peritoneal Carcinoma- RCT  in preparation. Agreed with NCRI ovarian subgroup – Feb 2013,Glasgow. Plan a feasibility of 100 patients in the first instance, with one arm a chemotherapy arm alone.


Member of the TMG: mEOC – Mucinous ovarian cancer trial: RCT on platin + avastin vs platin in ovarian mucinous carcinoma. UCL , CRUK Trials Unit.



PI: National Study of Genetics of Endometrial cancer. Recruiting younger patients with endometrial cancer for the identification of potential genetic mutations.- Completed

PI: UKFOCCS: Screening women deemed high risk for developing ovarian cancer. I undertook the responsibility for scanning these women from both Oxford and Swindon. – study closed.




As evident from the resume given in tabulated forms, the research elements within Gynaecological Oncology in Oxford are undergoing transformation, having achieved the primary objective of ensuring a sound basis of clinical activity.






MD   Thesis – Cellular Immunity and Tumour Growth in Ovarian Carcinoma.


This successful research required me to   commence in developing laboratory facilities for the project and included   generating income through other sources to enable the research to continue.   Thus, I gained valuable experience in research development.



Patient   Discharge after major surgery for Benign    gynaecological conditions.


A prospective study showing  that patients could be discharged after   undergoing surgery – earlier than planned and without the need for routine 6   week follow-up visits.

MD achieved.

Income generation:

  1.   £14,000 [SK in phase 3 study]
  2.   £50,000 private donation
  3.   2 Subsequent Research Fellows   and
  4.   Wellbeing Grant[£60,000]





West Midlands Regional Health Authority, £14,   000

I employed a Research Nurse.


Platelet   function and Growth Factors in Cancer.

This work was in collaboration with the   Department of  Medicine in   Birmingham. 

Trust    Research Grant £65,000

Successful PhD


Neural   Network in predicting survival in ovarian cancer.

This work was a first in ovarian cancer,   with the Department of Computer Science, Aston University collaborating.

Successful MSc.


Epidemiological   Studies in ovarian cancer

These studies with the West Midlands   Cancer Registry resulted in publications – some of which are cited for the   NHS Cancer Plan – 1997.

Important Publications with Service   impact.

Vaginal   Vault Smears in Ovarian Cancer

An evaluation of the use [and GPs   knowledge] as to the indications for vaginal vault smears – following an   audit indicating that unnecessary smear could be costing the Screening   Programme up to 5% of annual costs.


Publications, MSc [now transferred to PhD   – Dept  General  Practice , University of Birmingham.

BSCCP 2006 – awarded best presentation.

Symptoms   in Ovarian Cancer.

An examination of patients with suspected   ovarian cancer – through direct questioning of symptoms at a time on referral   to the hospital. A control population was also recruited.


DOH – £90,773

DOH [extension] £46,000

PhD student [successful]


I am Chief Investigator for this study-   which has completed recruitment.This study examines the timing of radical   surgical effort – in advanced ovarian cancer, and has over 50 collaborating   Centres. This is the largest ‘surgical’ trial in ovarian cancer ever   undertaken in the UK, and the second largest in the world. New Zealand have   recently commenced recruitment . CTAAC approval for 6 years support has been   successful.


£10,000 start –up from the RCOG –   towards  MRC running costs.

 £588,261 CTAAC


To report in August 2012

McMillan   Educational Grant. £200,000

I made this application and after   obtaining RCOG recognition for Oxford as a Training Centre in Gynaecological   Oncology, was granted this funding.

Employment of Fellow in Gynaecological   Cancer.

WOW Fellowship Grant -£105,000


PhD – completed.

BGCS    - 2006 awarded best presentation.


COCHRANE   Reviews

A systematic review of Neo-adjuvant   Chemotherapy in Ovarian Carcinoma -    completed.


Other Cochrane reviews ongoing.


Co Grantee- £250,000 , 2011 for   Gynaecolgical Cancer Group, Bath.

Adrenomedullin   and CD46 expression in ovarian carcinoma.

Ongoing work – which may lead to novels   therapeutic approaches.

Presentation IGCS 2006, Santa Monica

Rare   Cancer cell detection in ovarian cancer

Collaboration with IMM.


Adenoviral   vectors – targeting EGF receptor in ovarian cancer.




Identification   and Validation of Afamin as a Potential Novel Biomarker for Ovarian Cancer by   Proteomic Profiling, Lectin Reactivity and Immunoassay




Quality   of Life in Gynaecological Cancer patients







Referral of post-menopausal bleeding and   diagnosis of suspected uterine cancer: Development of a data collection tool   in order to develop a clinical prediction rule

This is ongoing collaborative work with   the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics [Prof Len Seymour]– which is   the laboratory base for the Sub-specialty trainee. PhD obtained. -Completed



New collaboration with CRUK, Proteomics   Research Group, Leeds University.

Paper submitted – published 2007-Completed





Collaboration with Sheffield University

Grants X1 – and extension grant 2009




Commencing - Grant-£58, 274.35, 2012

Research interests


Nearly all the positions I have held since qualification, had some element of either under or post-graduate teaching. As the Lecturer in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the City Hospital – I was responsible for the undergraduate course and for the RAE/GMC evaluation in  1998,[Birmingham University]. I had the responsibility to ensure the appropriate elements  of the training programme for City Hospital Trust, were in order, and introduced student evaluation to the teaching course.

Presently I undertake formal undergraduate teaching [lectures] and more informal teaching – in outpatients/theatres. I also  regularly examine the final year medical student, both in their written and OSCE based examinations.

I am the Educational Supervisor for 2 Trainees in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Director of Training for Gynaecological Oncology


Evidence of Teaching: Under and Post Graduate:

MRCOG part 2 course, City Hospital Trust, Birmingham

I organized this  course for trainees who were successful in passing the written part of the MRCOG II.  The course was limited to 12 individuals and consisted of 2 OSCE rounds, lectures on the evaluation of a paper, . I employed 2 actresses to play the parts of patients, and the courses were always oversubscribed. 

Interactive learning – General Practitioners  – BMJ

European School  of Oncology – Organiser of courses and lecturer

RCOG – Lecturer in Gynaecological Oncology

European Association of Gynaecological Cancer- Lecturer

BSCCP accredited Trainer in Colposcopy

Gloucester Training Programme in Gynaecolgical Oncology – I provide when  required – the research element of this RCOG recognised  programme.

RCOG developmental group – Training for Gynaecological Oncology: Unit Leads  I developed the ATSM for Gynaecological Oncology

I also run an annual Educational Course with Baxter in Vienna, involving formal lectures [in oncology], and teach on the management of haemorrhage during surgery.



As is evident from the positions I have held, I have had many years experience in the specialty of Obstetrics & Gynaecology with my priority in Gynaecological  Oncology and pre-invasive disease of the lower genital tract. My standing in the latter [2] is evident by both publications, invited lectures. I am regularly requested to lecture to National and International groups.


I have  been involved in vulval disorders for some years prior to my arrival at Oxford, and in Oxford I run the main  clinic primarily involving patients with pre-malignant conditions VIN and LSA, and Pagets Disease. This clinic has a Dermatologist in attendance and has a tertiary referrals from the Region.

Research interests



1.Regional Chairman – Cancer Peer Review Quality Improvement Group

The QA group meet quarterly to evaluate all the Peer Review reports.  The final  Regional  reports were  presented  to Prof M.Richards  at a meeting in London.


2. Chairman of the Pan-Birmingham Network for Gynaecological Cancers

The Pan Birmingham area covers a population of about 2 million people, involving 8 hospital trusts.  As Chairman of the Network, I dealt with health specialists involved in care, and to a greater extent the Leads in Gynaecological Cancer from the 8 trusts. The  post  also included my membership of the  Birmingham Health Authority Cancer Board, to which I was elected by colleagues in oncological specialties[ there were 3 elected consultants].

3.The Development of the Oxford Gynaecological Cancer Centre

My primary role when appointed to Oxford, was to develop the Regional Centre for Gynaecological Cancer Care. The Thames Valley is a Region encompassing about 2  million persons. My duties included negotiations with the Oxford Radcliffe Trust, Strategic Health Authority and the Cancer Network Board, along with colleagues working in hospitals  within the region, so that centralization developed..  By the  Mid- 2005 there was  formal ratification of the Oxford Gynaecological Cancer Centre.  The  service, when I commenced, had about 300-350 outpatient episodes/year in the Gynaecological Oncology clinic, with just over 100 surgical cases compared with  the year 2010-2011 with 356 major complex operations ,a further 128 intermediate/minor operations and outpatient attendance just under 3000 episodes.

I obtained RCOG recognition for the Trust as a Training Centre for Gynaecological Cancer, funded and appointed the first Gynaecological  Oncology Training Fellow in the Trust and Region. I commenced collaborative research with the Department of Clinical Pharmacology, where the Trainee completed a Phd, on oncolytic viral therapy in ovarian cancer.




i) CRC Travel Grant                                                                                                    £1,200



i) CRC Grant for Immunology research                                                                     £7,500

ii) Knoll Ltd [immunology]                                                                                         £2,000

iii) Schering - Plough Grant

- for the investigation of Intra-peritoneal Macrophages                                                     £5,000

iv) CRC Travel Grant                                                                                                   £   400



i) CRC grant to investigate intra-peritoneal cellular ploidy                                   £3,500

ii) CRC Travel Grant                                                                                                    £   800

iii) Schering -Plough Travel Grant                                                                                                                   £1,000

* Knoll – over 2 years [trial recruitment]                                                               £20,000


i) West Midlands RHA grant to assess/audit Early Discharge and Follow-up

of patients undergoing surgery for benign gynaecological conditions                      £15,000



Sheldon Research Fellowship [N. Acheson Research Fellow]                            £ 65,000



Major Research Grant -  City Hospital Birmingham                                              £ 65,000




Local Grant – research in Vulval  Cancer                                                                £3,000


Grant for  Tumour Bank                                                                                           £5,000




NHS R/D – Symptoms and Ovarian Cancer         [co]                                               £90,773


CHORUS Trial [RCOG]                                                                                            £10,000                     




NHS R/D – ovarian cancer symptoms [extension grant]                                         £46,000

R/D Local Grant [Tumour Bank, co]                                                                         £103,000

McMillan Educational Grant                                                                                    £200,000







Cancer Monies [ NHS, service related]                                                                                  £3000

Core MRC monies                          [est]                                                                                £20,000                                                              



CHORUS  Core MRC Funding [est]                                                                                    £20,000



Lilly Educational Meeting Grant                                                                                             £2000

ORH Research Funding                 [Co]                                                                                £45,000

CHORUS  CORE MRC Funding [est]                                                                                 £20,000

CTTAC  [over 6 years]                                                                                                        £588,260[over6 yrs]

Weston Park Cancer Hospital  [QOL grant ,Co]                                                                £45,072



Wellbeing of Women  [co]                                                                                                 £123,513 [over 3 yrs]                                                  



Scotshill Trust    [private donation to SK]                                                                     £150,000 [over 3 yrs]

Weston Park Cancer Hospital [Extension,Co.]                                                                 £36,227.   



NIHR Cochrane Gynaecological Cancer Grant [Co]                                                                  £220,588.[over 3 yrs]



Referral of post-menopausal bleeding and diagnosis of suspected uterine cancer: Development of a data collection tool in order to develop a clinical prediction rule.Clare Bankhead, Alison Clements, Richard Stevens, Matthew Thompson, Sean Kehoe

                                                                                                                                            £58, 274.35 [over 1 yr]


OVACOME grant                                                                                                                £ 290,000




Research interests

Other Income

Over the years I have accrued about  £165,000 in other donations for research purposes.

The MRCOG part II courses – generated around £6000 over 3 years.

I was directly  involved in raising £120,000 in 2009 with the ORH Charitable Trust for a Computerised Integrated  Laparoscopic Theatre for the new Oxford Cancer Centre.



1)    The British Society of Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology. Council Member - 1998 - 2001

2)    The British Medical Association

3)    The Birmingham and Midland Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society Secretary 2001-2005

4)    British Gynaecological Cancer Society. Elected Council Member - 1998 – 2002. 2008-

        Elected President 2009-

5)    Blair Bell Society

6)    European Society  of Gynaecological Oncology. Foundation Chairman of Trainees Group-1998

7)   International Gynaecological Cancer Society

8)   Hon. Member of the Serbian Gynaecological Cancer Society

9)  Fellow of  Higher Education Academy

10) Affiliate of the James Lind Alliance




1. West Midland Ovarian Cancer Steering Committee.{ Previous Secretary}

2.  Cervical Cancer Steering Committee.

3. West Midland Gynaecological Oncology Group,  Secretary 2000– 2001, Chairman 2001-2002

4. Member of the Scottish Gynaecological Cancer Trial Group.

5. Member of the British Surgical Gynaecological Oncology Group.


Member on the Consumer Representation Committee - Cochrane , Oxford.



Assessing Academic and Research Staff – Oxford University, 2004.

Trial Update Course 2008.

Educational  Supervisor Course 17 Sept 2010, ORH

Equality & Diversity Course, 2010 []

GCP – 2010

Appraisal Course, ORH, 2011

Education/Academic qualification

  • Doctor of Medicine, Trinity College Dublin

  • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Trinity College Dublin

Professional Qualifications

  • FRCOG,

    Sep 2005
  • CCST Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Subspecialist in Gynaecological Oncology,

    Jul 1997
  • MRCOG,

    Jul 1989
  • DCH,

    Jul 1985

Willingness to take PhD students


PhD projects

Professor Kehoe's interests are in gynaecological cancer Clinical Trials. He has a major interest in ovarian cancer and the understanding of malignant changes which occur during therapy. He welcomes applications from doctoral researchers working in these areas.


Sustainable Development Goals