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Sang-Hoon Yeo is passionate about understanding how the brain controls movement through eyes, muscles and bones and apply the outcome of research to help people to move better. His research exploits recent advances in computer graphics and interactive techniques that help us to understand the principles, diagnose the dysfunctions, and facilitate the recovery of our sensorimotor system.

His current research aims are to:

develop a virtual reality testbed for a pitch-side diagnosis of concussion based on perceptuo-motor performance assessment.
develop a home based, low budget neuro-motor healthcare and rehabilitation system for patients with mobility problems (e.g. elderly patients with stroke or Parkinson's disease).
develop a new mechanical model of muscle elucidating its viscoelastic and self-stabilising properties and apply the model to explain age-related changes in balance and locomotion.
perform a fundamental research on computationally modelling how humans learn, retain, generalise motor skills.