Rosemary Dyson

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Research interests

Rosemary Dyson is a Reader in Applied Mathematics. She applies the principles of mathematical modelling to mechanical problems in biological and industrial contexts, generating novel insights into the systems involved, as well as new mathematical techniques. As such her work is inherently highly collaborative, involving frequent interactions with experimentalists.


Mathematical modelling particularly applied to plant science, engineering & industrial coating. Biomechanics, thin liquid films and fibre-reinforced fluids.


  • Multiscale models of plant root growth
  • Design for additive manufacture
  • Cell – extracellular matrix interactions
  • Modelling hand-held optical testing devices
  • Models for pollen tube growth
  • Mechanical anisotropy
  • Fluid flows within tissue engineering constructs
  • Modelling curtain coating for the paper industry

Willingness to take PhD students