Robert Steinberger-Wilckens

Colleges, School and Institutes

Research interests

Renewable Energies:

Integration of wind and photovoltaic electricity into the mains grids; balancing power supply, firm power, bulk electricity storage; storage management systems, energy forecasts; use of hydrogen/fuel cell systems for balancing fluctuations and long-term electricity storage, coupling of hydrogen fuel market and electricity market; development of business cases for grid fluctuation balancing and gird services involving renewable energies (currently one MSc, 1 PhD from Sept 2013, 4 MSc in the past)

Fuel Cell Systems:

Integration of FC systems on vehicles, especially road vehicles; system efficiency, operating strategies, optimal fuel use, auxiliary power units; poly-service (heat, electricity, air conditioning etc.), novel uses and services (currently 2 PhD, 2 MSc in the past)

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC):

Durability and lifetime for SOFC; materials optimisation for SOFC, manufacturing, robustness to fuel impurities and stop/start operation (cycling); fuel flexibility, use of biomass derived fuels, including biogas and ethanol; SOFC systems, auxiliary power units for vehicles, residential energy supply/CHP, poly-generation; Solid Oxide Electrolysis (currently 5 PhD and 1 MSc, 1 PhD in the past)


Development of optimised BEV and fuel cell electric vehicles; power flow optimisation, high energy efficiency; novel services to drivers, novel mobility concepts; battery pack development, battery management, second life usage; integration with photovoltaics, BEV as storage for private households with PV systems (currently one MSc,  2 MSc and 2 BSc in the past)

Market Introduction of Fuel Cells:

Niche market development for fuel cell applications; novel applications, novel services comprising fuel cells (uninterruptible power supplies, fire protection, off-grid power supply, vehicles etc.); design for market, design for cost, customer added value, marketing strategies (currently 1 PhD, a further PhD  from Sept 2013)

Professional Qualifications

  • Doctorate degree, PhD

    1 Apr 1986 - 31 Jan 1993
  • Masters degree, MSc

    1 Oct 1976 - 31 Jan 1985


Sustainable Development Goals