Richard Palmer


Willingness to take PhD students


PhD projects

Richard Palmer established the Nanoscale Physics Research Lab (NPRL) in 1994 as the first centre for nanoscience in England. On arriving in Birmingham, Professor Palmer established research programmes in atomic manipulation, atomic clusters and nanofabrication, underpinned by the development of novel scientific instruments, which - together with their applications in biochips, catalysis and clean energy - represent his principal research interests today.

The research programmes he established in self-assembly, ultrafast (femtosecond) dynamics and UHV scanning electron microscopy are now led by fellow staff members in the NPRL (Drs Guo, Kaplan and Theis, respectively).

Professor Palmer usually recruits two or three doctoral researchers in areas of nanoscience and nanotechnology each year. His own, multi-national research group typically consists of between eight and ten doctoral researchers, together with a set of postdoctoral research fellows, making 12-15 researchers in total.