Rachael Dickson

Colleges, School and Institutes

Research interests

Rachael’s work focuses on the governance and regulation of legal subjects and the impact of law on ideas of personhood, bodily autonomy and agency. She is interested in exploring the impact of medical devices on persons involved in their use, from the patient and clinicians, to manufacturers and family members. She is also interested in the legal subjectivity of irregular migrants, ideas of health as a tool of governance, the use of data in the criminal justice system, the potential impact of Brexit on human rights, and the evolution of legal frameworks and non-legal mechanisms in international migration cooperation.


Rachael obtained her PhD from Queen’s University Belfast in 2018. Her thesis was entitled ‘Holism, solidarity and domopolitics: The EU as a rights actor in its approach to the migrant crisis’ and was passed with no corrections. Prior to joining Birmingham, Rachael worked at the University of Strathclyde with Professor Paul James Cardwell on his project ‘Migration and New Governance’.

Rachael is currently the Chair of the Graduate Forum Committee of the University Association for Contemporary European Studies.