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Philippa Semper's research is interdisciplinary in nature and examines the relationships between text and image in medieval manuscripts, focusing in particular on diagrams. She is interested in the various reading strategies required by differing forms of visual exposition and the implications of such strategies for both the production and the use of manuscripts. Current work includes analysis of methods of reading (and re-reading) runes, the ideological functions of the diagrams in Byrhtferth's Enchiridion and other computistical works, and the devotional aspects of diagrams in biblical manuscripts. Dr Semper’s other interests are centred on Old English literature, to which she brings a strongly theoretical approach; she has also worked on Middle English texts, in particular the various versions of Mandeville's Travels.

Dr Semper supervises postgraduate researchers working in the areas of Anglo-Saxon manuscripts and Old English literature and is happy to supervise research projects relating to her research interests.