Peter Hansen

Willingness to take PhD students


PhD projects

Dr Hansen’s research interests include:

(1) Reading and Language. How is language, and specifically orthography, encoded in the human brain? How do visual processes gives rise to word recognition and reading? How are these linked to auditory processing? What are the relationships between letter-string position encoding, dynamic visual attention and visual word recognition? How do these differ in conditions such as dyslexia or synaesthesia?

(2) Theory of Mind, Belief Systems and Decision Making. How is Theory of Mind (the ability to attribute mental states to oneself and others) encoded and processed in the human brain? How does it relate to and differ from empathy? How does ToM develop and change over time? Is the ToM system used for other purposes? What happens when ToM is hyper or hypo-active and does it relate to specific clinical syndromes? How are beliefs formed and changed in the human brain? How does implicit and explicit decision making occur in the brain? To what extent is it possible to predict the decisions of others?

My work makes use of neuroimaging methods, principally fMRI, DTI and MEG, supplemented by behavioural techniques including psychophysical and questionnaire-based testing and statistical modelling.