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Nicholas Jones

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Research interests

My current research focus is concentrated on understanding how different types of T cells interact and respond to a foreign organ graft.  We have developed models that utilise alloreactive TCR-transgenic T cells that allow us to follow the response of multiple subsets of such T cells at the level of T cell activation, proliferation and development of effector function, homing of the T cells to the transplant and the mechanisms by which T cells elicit rejection following infiltration of the graft.  This work will enable us to decipher the mechanisms by which tolerance induction protocols induce allograft acceptance as well as aiding in the identification of novel targets for potential intervention.  We are currently in the process of elucidating why memory T cells disrupt the induction of tolerance and the mechanisms by which CD25+CD4+ regulatory T cells suppress the rejection of allografts.  Furthermore, to understand the interface between innate and adaptive immunity in transplantation immunobiology we are evaluating the role of NKT cells in the alloimmune response to determine whether the manipulation of such cells would benefit tolerance induction.

Willingness to take PhD students


PhD projects

Dr Jones is interested in supervising doctoral research students in the following areas:

The role of invariant NKT cells in the immune response to transplants
Identification of different invariant NKT cell subsets for use as a cellular therapy to combat rejection
Dissection of the mechanisms utilised by immunoregulatory cells to attenuate rejection and graft versus host disease
ILCs and transplantation