Myra Nimmo

Colleges, School and Institutes


Myra was appointed Pro Vice Chancellor and Head of College of Life and Environmental Sciences in October 2014 following a period of time (2008-2012) where she was Dean of Sport Exercise and Health Sciences and Pro Vice-Chancellor Research at Loughborough University.

Research interests

During the past 15 years Myra has added to the evidence base that both acute and chronic exercise has a profound effect on the inflammatory process. The discovery that contracting muscle fibres release substantial amounts of anti-inflammatory cytokines during exercise together with the fact that enlarged adipocytes of obese individuals recruit macrophages and promote inflammation requires that understanding the interaction between these 2 tissues is critical. Knowledge of this interaction allows us to devise exercise interventions which target specific pathways to prevent the onset of disease or to reverse the disease process.

Myra now works closely with colleagues in Exercise Medicine and Health , the Institute of Metabolism and Systems Research and the Institute of Inflammation and Ageing.